PMSI France supports deal that creates the leading higher education provider in Europe

PMSI France has worked on numerous projects over the years with leading French private higher education provider Studialis, which operates 23 private universities with 20,000 students across France. Our most recent work was a full VCDD to support the sale of Studialis by Bregal Capital. Studialis now becomes partnered with Galileo Global Education, which is owned by Providence Private Equity. Galileo Global Education is a private post-secondary education group present in four European countries as well as in Mexico, India and China. Galileo operates under strong brands such as L'Atelier de Sèvres, LISAA (L’institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués), Istituto Marangoni, Instituto de Estudios Universitarios and Macromedia. Academic programmes at Galileo institutions cover the fields of art, creativity, design, communication, media and management. The combination of Galileo Global Education and Studialis creates the largest European post-secondary education group. “Galileo Global Education and Studialis share the same vision and the same ambition to strengthen the potential of all schools in the Group, and achieve an even greater recognition of the expertise and excellence of teachers and of the diversity of study programmes”, said Raph Appadoo, Chief Executive Officer of Galileo Global Education. Marc-François Mignot-Mahon, President of Studialis, added: "we want to develop schools, the programmes they offer and build bridges between disciplines. This can only strengthen the value of the diplomas of our schools. Our Group has a rich academic offer in complementary disciplines and in industry sectors that enhance the reputation of France and Europe abroad."

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