Speciality Manufacturing & Engineering

Speciality Manufacturing & Engineering is a key sector for PMSI due to the breadth of specialist British manufacturing. PMSI has strong expertise in areas including:

  • Oil & Gas/Energy

    • Valves, actuators, generators, gears, pumps, seals, LNG equipment

  • Aerospace and aviation

    • MRO, threat detection scanners, aircraft interiors

  • Precision engineering​

    • Security systems, HVAC components, high security bollards, brake hoses, gas springs/dampeners

  • Engineering services

    • Engineering consultants, mechanical system integrators

Corporate client in specialty manufacturing

Corporate client in threat detection market

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Previous works typically involved a combination of:

  • (Extensive) primary research - using PMSI's unique capabilities in interviewing all types of industry stakeholders

  • Secondary research - typically desk research to get the broader market view and identify preliminany hypotheses to test during interviews

  • Detailed market modelling - using for instance AlignAlytics advanced analytics capabilities

PMSI have a long-standing relationship with a leading engineering group operating in various business segments such as flow controls, valves and actuators.


Over the last 10 years, we have completed a dozen strategy projects for this client, ranging from target screening to market-entry and competitive intelligence for some specific product and/or geographical markets.


Objectives were typically to understand local market dynamics, competitive environment and routes to market.

PMSI insights have helped the management team design effective strategies over the years, contributing to the continued development of the company.

Corporate client in specialty manufacturing

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To meet our client’s needs, PMSI:

  • Set up workshops with key regional stakeholders working at our client or for our client (e.g. distributors) to introduce the project and the data gathering process – which was aimed at collecting client product data as well as any competitive intelligence on competitors’ installed products (by type, volume, location, year of installation, price, etc.)

  • Followed up regularly with them over 2 months to make sure the data collected was exhaustive and of sufficient quality

  • Sanitised the overall database - for instance cross-checking with public tender information

  • Built up the overall historical and forecasted installed base model and new sales model - using key metrics to fill the (surprisingly few!) gaps

Our client is a leading player operating in the global threat detection market, for whom PMSI have conducted various strategy projects over the last 7 years. A recent competitive intelligence project consisted of collecting detailed, asset-based information in order to provide a bottom-up view of the overall market for a specific range of products.


The aim was to:

  • Collect the internal knowledge of the local teams on where (and when) the client and competitors’ products were installed

  • Enrich this information with detailed product information (type, volume, location, year of installation, price, lifetime, etc.)

  • Complete this picture with PMSI’s own research and modelling to build a comprehensive mapping of the market

Our highly-detailed picture of the market enabled the management to get unique views on competitors’ market shares by country, products, sales channels, etc. and assess new sales opportunities in a way which could not be done previously.

Corporate client in threat detection market

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PMSI are able to offer a more focussed approach on these type of transactions, to ensure that the fees and abort provisions are aligned with the requirements of the deal. In the case of Camloc, the chosen focus areas were:

  • Targeted referencing of the company’s key customers

  • Benchmarking of Camloc vs its European competitors, and mapping out the competitive landscape

Camloc Motion Control is a leading Leicester-based designer and manufacturer of gas springs and dampers. The business had sales of c.£4m in 2016 and employed 36 people. Camloc was seeking a £1.5m investment from Foresight Group, and PMSI provided commercial due diligence (CDD) on the transaction.

Foresight were able to support the MBO of Camloc as it seeks to target certain market niches. Andy Hubbard of Camloc commented:


“UK manufacturing is very much alive and kicking and the Foresight investment has enabled us to become a British owned gas spring company for the first time in over 25-years. Over the years Camloc gas springs has become a respected brand in the market that stands for quality products and great customer service. We are proud to have such a solid business, international brand and quality product range on which to build. We are looking forward to a new and exciting chapter of sustained growth for the company based on the company’s well-established roots.”

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