PMSI and AlignAlytics: A partnership which allows PMSI to achieve greater insights with greater speed

AlignAlytics merge 3 types of expertise that allows them to consistently build solutions for their customers that generate on-going value and insights: analytics, business experience and software.

AlignAlytics provide 'insights fit for action' through analytic solutions that are precisely tailored to solve your business problems, such as:

  •  Margin Improvement – Using pricing analytics to identify margin improvements; low risk opportunities typically worth 2-3% of sales

  • Growth - Sales targeting to identify growth opportunities, using technology to identify new customers

  • Performance - Automated insights to guide management decision making, e.g. attrition risk, cross-selling, performance driver weaknesses

AlignAlytics' solutions have a reputation for intellectual rigour, customer focus, agility, speed and ease of implementation. With data science and technology capability located across 5 offices, and even more remotely located within client teams, AlignAlytics continues to bring clarity from complexity.


Watching a market dynamic change so rapidly can be overwhelming. AlignAlytics help us step back from all of that and provide the team with the data they need, to make decisions when they need to.

Pharmaceutical Corporate Strategy VP 


  • Design origination tools with unique data exploration and visualisation capabilities

  • Monitor and benchmark portfolio performance

  • Identify and compare easily top performers in a defined sector, or any companies that match your search request!

Private Equity

  • Compare prices and discount policy – over time - on various retail websites using AlignAlytics scraping tools

  • ‘Slice and dice’ large sets of data and share analyses using easy-to-use data visualisation software Alytic

  • Work with our data science team to solve business challenges that require the application of analytical techniques to find the right answers - or even ask the right questions…

  • Identify margin improvements by using pricing analytics; low risk opportunities typically worth 2-3% of sales

  • Identify growth opportunities, using technology to identify new customers

  • Guide management decision making with automated insights e.g. attrition risk, cross-selling, performance driver weaknesses

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PMSI and AlignAlytics: A long standing relationship enabling the integration of advanced analytics into strategy consultancy projects

Patrick Mosimann PMSI
Steve Whant PMSI

Patrick Mosimann and Steve Whant founded PMSI Consulting in 1989 and joined the AlignAlytics team in 2013 through the merger of AlignAlytics and PMSI Consulting. Early experiences in manually intensive, data-driven analysis with firms like McKinsey and Bain led them to a conviction; "there has to be a better way" to provide profound, sustained insights for decision-making.


Patrick and Steve have a 25 year track record of innovation in applied analytics, having delivered countless solutions to companies worldwide and advised leading vendors on creating solution value, notably Cognos/IBM. Over this period, they have also gained extensive, practical experience in overcoming organizational challenges to analytics excellence. In particular, Patrick and Steve recognize the importance of achieving 'alignment' between strategic and financial goals and operational execution, as well as between business imperatives and IT complexities.


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